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Governmental Authorities

Governmental Authorities

Governmental authorities who realise that supporting e-commerce and omni-channel developments is supporting growth in general and that are aware of the fact that the right (regulatory) measures surrounding (cross border) e-commerce should be tailored to the new demands of the consumer, the environment and (r)e-tail industry.

Not supporting the developments in e-commerce and the changes in consumer behaviour will make a city, region or country a less attractive place of business for (global) (r)e-tail companies.

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Governmental authorities can influence the impact the fast growing e-commerce industry has for their city, country, region significantly. Using e-commerce as a growth generator will amongst others depend on:

  • Measures to make city centres attractive by stimulating omni-channels and city logistics initiatives;
  • The development of regulatory measures that are stimulating trust in e-commerce;
  • The support of (e-commerce logistics) concepts that are stimulating the circular economy.

SKS & Partners is providing support for governmental authorities who are:

  • Concerned by the current developments in “brick and mortar” retail;
  • Looking for support in the developments of new (logistical) concepts needed to develop their town, region or city by facilitating (green) multi- (Omni-) channel infrastructures;
  • Concerned by the current positioning or their Postal Operator;
  • Recognizing the fact that current changes in the postal environment have to be translated in adapted regulatory measures.