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Postal Operators

Postal Operators that recognize the opportunities created by growth of (cross border) e-commerce and the Omni-sales strategies of global brands, manufacturers and (r)e-tailers. These are opportunities that result in new sustainable business models, based on parcels logistics and parcels services.

Postal Operators that don’t recognize the need to change from a mail to a parcels company will lose a great deal of their revenues and margins. Parcels are the sustainable solution for Postal Operators who recognise the dynamics of e-commerce logistics. Specializing in e-commerce and Omni-channel solutions means recognizing the new demands of the (r)e-tail industry and of the ordering consumer. Not recognizing those needs will mean that (new) competitors will enter their market.

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Transport & Logistics

Transport and Logistics companies that are aware of the changes in the (r)e-tail industry and that realise that global brands and manufacturers are changing their sales and marketing approach in a way that is having a dramatic impact on their logistical processes.

Several studies are showing that the majority of brands, manufacturers and (r)e-tailers that are engaging in the realization of (cross border) omni-channel sales concepts are seeing logistics as a bottle neck or as a reason for failure or delay.

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(R)e-tailers, manufacturers and brands that are seeing logistics (fulfilment, transport, delivery, handling of returns) as an integral  part of their e-commerce concepts and that are recognizing the importance of those logistical elements in creating profitable business, growth, consumer satisfaction and trust.

Neglecting logistical aspects will lead to poorly developed e-commerce solutions, consumer dissatisfaction and will lead to a very disappointing performance in the e-commerce market.

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E-Commerce Companies

Saas providers that are aware of the fact that the logistical aspects of e-commerce and omni-channel sales are important elements in the setup of planning systems, shipping managers, web shops and online platforms (e-shopping malls).

Underestimating the importance of logistical aspects in systems that are supporting e-commerce and omni-channel solutions, is underestimating one of the major pillars in the realization of successful e-commerce and online sales concepts.

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Governmental Authorities

Governmental authorities who realise that supporting e-commerce and omni-channel developments is supporting growth in general and that are aware of the fact that the right (regulatory) measures surrounding (cross border) e-commerce should be tailored to the new demands of the consumer, the environment and (r)e-tail industry.

Not supporting the developments in e-commerce and the changes in consumer behaviour will make a city, region or country a less attractive place of business for (global) (r)e-tail companies.

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